Chicken wrangler

Chicken wrangler

I'm a freelance illustrator, screen printer and visual designer living in Chicago, Illinois.  I grew up on a farm and have always loved birds, probably from my early days as a chicken wrangler (pictured).  I live with several feathered roommates including a bossy sun conure named Sunny and a smart but nervous African Grey named Joe.  They provide inspiration and moral support by chewing on the furniture.

I specialize in screen prints, printed by me, in my basement studio.  I also have done freelance work for a number of clients, including:

  • Chronicle Books – Insect Superpowers (book illustrations), Fall 2016 - Fall 2017 

  • Netflix - Artwork was licensed for background art in EASY, June 2017 

  • General Electric - Illustrated a 10 page coloring book featuring appliances sold by the company, December 2017

  • WILL Public Media - Illustrated a set of superheroes for fall pledge drive, Fall 2018

  • Chicago Magazine- Editorial Illustration, Summer 2018

  • Washington Post – Editorial Illustration, Spring 2014

  • Southern Poverty Law Center – Editorial Illustration, Spring 2014

  • Aquila Children’s Magazine – Editorial illustration, Fall 2013

  • NPR – Illustrated month of May for 2014 promotional calendar

  • Archways Magazine – Editorial Illustration, Summer 2012

  • HOW Design Magazine – Editorial illustration, Spring 2012

  • St. Louis Magazine – Editorial Illustration, Spring 2012

  • Bio Energy Connection Magazine – Illustrated cover, Spring 2011

  • Latte Da! Coffee shops– Design menus, business presentations and create coffee blend posters, Summer 2007 – Present

  • Urban Outfitters – Illustrated art print for sale on, 2010

  • Threadless - Designed T-shirts, 2007, 2009; 

  • - Designed T-shirts, 2009-present

Past awards have included the Society of Illustrator's "Illustrator's 52" and "Illustrator's 55" award show and book publication. 

Galleries/shops I am featured in: 

Interested in collaborating on a project?  You can reach me at